Email Marketing

Email marketing has proven to be a gold mine for vacation brands that are embracing it.  With over 70% of people saying that they frequently see the emails of their favorite brands, it's a channel that can produce some serious revenue numbers.  And it's one of the most crucial elements in our #BookDirect strategies, producing some of our best revenue and booking numbers.

At Stoke Marketing, we help to make your email channel a gold mine for you, as well.  From creative installation of pop-overs on the website to continually add to your database, implementing drip campaigns to introduce and engage new sign-ups, and even re-booking drip campaigns to all of your past guests to encourage new reservations, we have the strategies that work.  Gone are the days of the Email Newsletter.....we produce slick, attractive E-Magazines for your guests that help them with travel planning, events, and key blog content about your market/destination. 
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